Streamer Installation (Setting up Computer for Access)

Note: Each Streamer can only be associated with one account. If you install another Streamer on top of your own, it will overwrite the existing one and remove it from the existing Team.

The Streamer is an app that needs to be installed on any computer that you are trying to remotely access. To install the Streamer, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to on a Computer Web Browser
  2. Click on the "Add Computer" button


Note: If the "Add Computer" button or "Management" tab is missing, please contact the team owner for the shareable link to download the Streamer.


If you are currently on the computer you are setting up for remote access, click on the "Download" button for "Connect to current computer".

If you are setting up a different computer than the one you are currently on, click on "Copy Link" under "Connect to Different computer". This will copy the link that you can send to someone who is able to help you set up the remote computer.

Please click below for Installation instructions on Windows/Mac

MacOS Installation

Once you have downloaded the Streamer, please click on the DMG File to open the Package and click on "Install Splashtop Streamer"


If you are getting this message that Splashtop Streamer can not be opened, please go into the System Preferences of the Mac and click on Security & Privacy

MacSRSAppStoreOnly_en-US.png MacSecurity1_en-US.png MacSecurity2_en-US.png

Repeat the same for Splashtop Streamer.pkg fileMacSecurity4_en-US.png MacSecurity5_en-US.png

The Installation should now be able to start


Once installation has finished, you will need click on "Confirm" to finish the set up.


Windows Installation

Once the Streamer has been downloaded, click on the EXE file to launch the installer.


Please click on "Yes" for the UAC Prompt to allow the install


The Installation will now start


Once the install has finished, please click on "Confirm" to finish setting up the Streamer


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