How do I show a custom name instead of my email ID in the connection pop-up bubble?

The "Change display name" option (Management > Users > gear icon) lets you customize the way your name appears to users when you access their computers.


All connections pop up a notification bubble on the remote computer, telling the end user that someone is now connected. By default, the bubble also shows the email address of the person connecting in. There are cases where you may prefer to show a company name or a generic name, instead of your email ID.

You can now customize the text that is shown, with newer versions of the software.


This functionality requires a minimum of Splashtop Streamer version v3.1.2.1 for Windows/Mac and Splashtop Business app v3.1.2.1 for Windows/Mac (v2.7.2.0 or newer for iOS).

1. Log in at as an owner or admin.

2. Go to Management > Users.


3. Click on the gear icon next to a user and choose "Change display name".


4. Enter your preferred name.



5. The new custom name will now be shown in the connection bubble, instead of your email ID.


Note: In the team settings (located:, there are options for the Display session indicator type, you can change it to "Banner" if you prefer it not to appear as a pop-up.
session indicator_en-us.png

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