How do I connect with admin rights?


By default, Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) connects to a computer with the privilege of the logged in account on the host computer.  In cases where you may need to have admin privileges to perform certain tasks on the remote computer, SOS allows you to optionally connect as an admin with Windows Administrator rights.

Requires Windows or Mac Business client or newer.  Download the latest version here


  1. Download and run the latest SOS program from on the host computer
  2. Start an SOS connection from the Business app (purple icon)
  3. Click on the check box "Connect as admin" sos_admin.png
    1. Enter the admin credentials when prompted (Note: Click "More" if you need to enter a domain.)   Admin credentials need to be the actual Microsoft ID (, not the "displayed" name (John Doe).             Screen_Shot_2017-04-11_at_12.20.49_PM.png
  4. Your customer/end-user needs to click on the UAC prompt, "Yes", to proceed, if they are logged in as a non-admin account.
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    I connect as an admin but I still can't see the UAC screen that appears when a change is made. Am I doing something wrong?