The number of computers allowed for this Splashtop Business account has been exceeded.



Cannot login to the Splashtop Streamer program to add a computer to your service.


If you get the message above when trying to install and add a computer with the streamer program, you are at or over the licensed number of computers for your subscription service.



  1. Upgrade your subscription service (from owner account only):
    1. Business Access customers, purchase an additional license to increase by 10 computers and 1 user account per a license.  Upgrade
    2. Remote Support customers, upgrade to a larger package size. Upgrade
  2. Delete some computers from your list
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    I only have 10 computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I checked the backend, you have 10 computers on the team and should all work to be connected. What is the issue?


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    I am chasing my tail all over this site!!
    I have reached my 40 computer max & need to upgrade so that I can add additional clients.
    Can I find a link to upgrade my account? NO, only an endless loop that leads to my account info, where I cannot find any upgrade link.
    Can I get through to support by phone? NO, no support technicians available.
    Can I create a ticket? NO, from the list of suggested articles, I get thrown back into the endless loop mentioned above.
    PLEASE HELP.... I need more 'slots' ASAP!!!

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    OK, by logging in with the PRIMARY email address (rather than my own) I now get the UPGRADE button. This option was not available under my own login and there was no indication ANYWHERE that login effects available options (just dumb luck on my part).
    So the above frustrations still exist, I just got lucky....

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    Not as lucky as I thought....
    The ONLY upgrade I can do is to increase the number of USERS that I pay for!
    I need more computer slots, not user slots!!
    (My posts are titled 'SPLASHTOP' because that's the email alias I've set up on our domain .... I am not a Splashtop rep of any kind)

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    @Tobin Sorry about the confusion. Each Business license is 1 additional user account and 10 additional computers.