Want to remote into an iPhone or iPad?


Are you trying to remote into an iOS device to view its screen remotely (no control)? If so, first make sure you have a trial or a subscription to the recently launched Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) with Mobile. If you have our previous Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) which has no mobile support, please contact our sales team to upgrade. Email sales@splashtop.com or call +1 (408) 861-1088 x125.


  1. Splashtop Business app (biz_icon.jpeg)
    • Windows, version or newer
    • Mac, version or newer
    • Android, version or newer
    • iOS, version or newer
  2. iOS device needs to have iOS11 or newer

Steps: (Watch Video)

        1. END USER installs the Splashtop SOS app (sos_icon.png) on the iOS device from the App Store
        2. END USER opens the Splashtop SOS app on the iOS device and provides the 9-digit code to the technician
        3. TECHNICIAN enters the code into the Splashtop Business app (click Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_1.30.33_PM.png button)
        4. END USER 1-time setup, add Broadcasting button to Control Center:
          1. Open Settings Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_1.53.12_PM.png
          2. Tap on Control Center Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_1.53.51_PM.png
          3. Tap on Customize Controls Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_1.53.33_PM.png
          4. Add Screen Recording Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_1.53.42_PM.png
        5. END USER follows the instructions in the Splashtop SOS app, to open Broadcasting and choose Splashtop SOS.
          1. Double tap the home button on iOS device or 1-finger slide-up from bottom of iOS device (Control Center).  Note: iPhoneX is a 1-finger slide-down from top right of screen.
          2. Tap and hold the record button until a popup shows (iPad and iPhone6S and earlier), or hard press on the record button (iPhone6+ or newer) Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_2.12.13_PM.png 
          3. Scroll and select "Splashtop SOS", then tap on "Start Broadcast". Screen_Shot_2017-10-06_at_2.12.37_PM.png
        6. To end the support session
          1. END USER taps on the "Disconnect" button on the Splashtop SOS app.
          2. or TECHNICIAN clicks on the disconnect button or closes the window



  1. Apple Screen Recording ends if an incoming call comes in.  You will need to restart the sharing.  It works fine for being in an active call, then start sharing.
  2. iPad/iPhone orientation is manual at this time.
    • Click on the "eye" icon and choose rotate right or left




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    Edited by Billy.Springs
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    Andy Palmer

    Why is there no iOS app available for SOS yet in the USA? ETA?

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    Apple removed our app. We are working with Apple to address its concern around enabling Airplay across network that Splashtop has invented.

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    So I bought the SOS license and then no longer offered for download. Team-Viewer, with iOS 11, will be offering iPhone and iPad screen sharing. Since I bout your app, when is this going to be happening with SplashTop?

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    We are still working on it, sorry for the waiting. At this time you can still use SOS to connect to Windows, Mac (fully access) and Android devices (some view only).

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    we've been evaluating SOS on-demand software for about 1 year now. I reported and waited till some minor bugs were fixed and was really interested for a custom branding feature (still not available) before purchasing a license. I was ready to purchase February this year at the promotion rate since progress was being made and can see you guys are working on making it a great tool, but then the Mobile iOS feature were added and the yearly subscription fee was doubled with no heads up to current trial users (at least not to us) At the time i asked sales if i could sign up without the mobile feature..at the original promo price but they said no. Now I see you don't even have that feature available. Very Disappointing...

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    sadly I've also been disappointed with the real world experience that the six clients I've tried to use this app with, have all had incompatible OS versions to run the iOS or Android app. Wish the app would support OLDER os versions (nothing Jurassic just not the very latest greatest). Wasted so much time trying to get stressed clients to a window that then reads YOU NEED LATEST iOS or DROID :-(

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    Roo Pee

    I've using your trial to evaluate the various modes of SOS to use with my clients and stumbled at the very first attempt with iOS - you only support iOS 11!!! Really? Do you think everyone updates their iPad/iPhone to the latest, or even can? I have clients running everything from iOS 6 upwards. Lots on iOS 9.3.5 (the latest that iPad 2 supports - there are lots of these still in use, I even have one myself that I use regularly). So SOS is almost unusable for me, great pity. This search for a remote tool to use is turning into a 'best of a bad bunch' trade-off, as every product I've tried has major flaws and I'm not sure which is the least bad.

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    Andy Palmer

    Splashtop and all other vendors trying to sell you some remote control solution should be a lot more transparent about limits and requirements. While Splashtop works great for computers, we can all blame Apple and Google for not allowing remote to work well for mobile. It's not the fault of Splashtop and TeamViewer that the mobile companies make it near impossible to fully remote control everything. iOS has strict standards that allows screen cast through Airplay, but it was only natively implemented in three most recent version 11.

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    @Andy Palmer
    Thanks for explaining, Andy. You're right on.

    @Roo Pee
    We wish we can support pre-iOS 11, too. Unfortunately Apple only allows such remote viewing to be done using the system broadcast capability that's introduced with iOS 11. We have tried other methods that can work on iOS 9 and 10 but could not get those methods approved by Apple.

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    @Andy Palmer @Support
    thanx for clarifying and that the blame lies with Apple & Google. Its soooo frustrating trying to talk a new user through the instal/activate/broadcast process on iOS I honestly have given up more times than i care to mention. Only when they get new devices do I preload the SOS app and try and guide them through the broadcast process for future support if needed.

    @Roo Pee
    you know what they say about opinions ;-)
    but many of us came to Splashtop from LogMeIn and other well used tools. An underhand price increase forced me to change and I had a lot of teething issues in my early adoption (splashtop was new then), but I can happily say Splashtop works for me: Mac2Mac, Mac2PC. Mac2iOS/Droid, well I rarely use it, but it wasn't a deal breaker just a bonus ...and when it works its handy.

    I think honestly my only issue at the mo is my dated high end spec’d iMac running Splashtop Biz to 5K or even super high end graphic carded pee cees. i find I have to downsize the connecting resolution otherwise its a painful experience.

    IMHO do an HONEST eval.
    So many other tecs I know say "ahhh but you can do blah blah better with XY or Z" but the truth is they aren't PAYING the correct premium for the tool they will use day to day, to make their income. Specially when they are using the FREE version of say TeamViewer

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    Appreciate the comments.

    About 5K/high res cases, here's some additional background which may or may not help the specific case. Just want to share more info with you:
    - It's possible to throttle frame rate, via a button on the in-session toolbar. Lowering the frame rate has helped in cases.
    - It's possible to remove desktop wallpaper. That's also helped in some cases.
    https://support-splashtopbusiness.splashtop.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/207638863-remove-desktop-wallpaper-when-I-remote-to-a-client (scroll down to comments for the registry tweak)
    - Splashtop will maintain the native resolution at up to 4K. At above 4K, remote desktop will be scaled down to 4K before being transmitted to the viewer side. You might notice some fuzziness in that case.