Using LogMeIn One2Many to Deploy your Splashtop Streamer



LogMeIn Central Premier

Step 1: Create Task

  • Select “Run a batch file or executable"

Step 2: Choose Options

  • Upload Splashtop_Streamer.exe into “.BAT, .CMD or.EXE file”
  • Copy and paste the following into “Optional Parameters”:

                    prevercheck /s /i dcode=YOUR_CODE,confirm_d=0,hidewindow=1

                    ***Change “YOUR_CODE” to your Splashtop Deployment Code***


Step 3: Edit Plan

  • Select which computers under your LogMeIn account to deploy the Streamer to.
  • Afterwards, select “Save and Continue”.

Step 4: Enter Credentials and Run Now

  • Enter the log in credentials for the computers and apply them to the appropriate computers

**Note that the credentials need to be verified before running One2Many**

  • Select Run Now after all credentials are verified

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