Device Authentication- Mac Address Whitelisting

Device Authentication- Mac Address Whitelisting allows users to log in on the business app using specified devices that are allowed by the team. This is done by enabling Mac whitelisting and adding those devices to the list.

 Mac Address Whitelisting is available as an addon upon request. Contact Sales for more info.


Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Business App version or later

Get Started:

Log into with the team owner account/Admin and go to Management > Settings > Endpoint security  . Restrict access Business App MAC Address.

It is off by default, Toggle to turn it on  and Click on Manage MAC whitelisting 


There are three action settings for user control, and all action settings are set to "off" by default.

  • Allow to skip already-authenticated devices: If turned on, already-authenticated devices will be allowed to log in on the business app.
  • Allow to skip mobile devices: MAC address cannot be retrieved from mobile devices due to privacy policy.
  • Allow to skip device authentication when MAC address whitelist is enabled: If device authentication is skipped, we strongly recommend enabling two-step verification for security reasons.

Add Bar

  • Can type in your full MAC address to add it to the list after clicking the “Add Address“ button

  • Format - xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

    • each “x” should be a number or an alphabet

    • octets in a MAC address must be separated by a colon

    • MAC addresses can be separated by “,“
      e.g. 00:00:5e:00:53:af, 00:00:5e:00:54:af

  • Message (after clicking the “add address” button)

    • [success] Updated Successfully
      when it contains duplicated address, addresses will still be added successfully while the duplicated ones are ignored

    • [error] Invalid MAC address
      show “Invalid MAC address“ error when any one of the addresses is invalid; all addresses in the bar won’t be added

    • [error] Exceed the max number
      show the message when the total amount exceeds 20000 after adding the address in the bar; all addresses in the bar won’t be added

  • result of adding addresses

    • Invalid MAC address
      When anyone of the contained MAC address is invalid

    • Exceed the maximum of 20,000 addresses

or import(supported file type:csv). This will add or update the allowed MAC address.

You can also decide to clean the current MAC whitelist and the update. 


  • Supported import file type: CSV (xls, xlsx for the next phase)

  • Case insensitive

  • Default - adding imported addresses as new MAC addresses

  • Action setting - Clean the current MAC list and then update 
    1. imported addresses override the existing list, so only the imported addresses are left.
    2. Pop-up reminder when this setting is checked


if addresses are duplicated with existing ones, there will be a result overview with the address values to remind users


Possible failed Errors during the Import

- Invalid addresses

  • When invalid addresses are in the import file, show an error message and a responding list of invalid Values.

  • Message
    Title - Invalid addresses
    Content - There are %number% invalid addresses found.

- Exceed the Max Number

  • When exceeding the maximum of import amount which is 20000, the import will fail.

  • error message - Exceed maximum of 20,000: Reduce the number of addresses to continue

When “Invalid addresses” and “Exceed the Max Number“ happen simultaneously, only show the “Exceed the Max Number“ error.


file name - MAC_Address_whitelist_%date.csv

e.g. MAC_Address_whitelist_20230218.csv


MAC Table

  • Show full MAC address. e.g. 00:00:5e:00:53:af

  • Pagination. Showing 10 items per page

  • Each MAC address can be deleted by clicking the :garbage: button


Logs --> logs --> History

  1. Failed login attempts
    with the invalid MAC address value when someone was blocked by MAC address restriction.

  2. Enabled and disabled the MAC address whitelist 3. Enable and disabled the control options (when MAC whitelist is already enabled)

Business App Troubleshooting

If the MAC address whitelist feature is enforced, there are responding error messages in various situations.

  • When the SRC version is lower than 3540
    -> “Cannot login because the admin has enabled MAC address restriction and your App version does not support it. Please update your App.“

  • When the Mac address of the user device isn’t in the whitelist
    -> ”The MAC address you are logging in from has been blocked by your admin”


  • When mobile devices are rejected
    -> “Cannot login because the admin has enabled MAC address restriction and mobile devices are blocked.”

  • an email will be sent when login failed
    title - Splashtop failed login notification. (MAC address restriction)
    content -


Unable to get Mac Address Whitelisting to work or do have suggestions for us? Please open a support ticket.






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