Why are there duplicated computer files in my computer list?


The case often happens on a Windows Server or a PC with more than one Windows user profiles; on such devices, if you log your Splashtop Account in Streamer on every Windows user profile, each profile will be viewed as a particular computer file via Splashtop Business, thus, you will see duplicate computer files with exactly same name.

At such case, you always could see only one of these "duped" computer files online via Splashtop Business while others are offline; the reason is, there could be only one Streamer running on a computer at a time, Splashtop Business will detect the Windows user profile which is currently running with Streamer, other Windows user profiles will be viewed offline.

Product design team are also working hard to improve the user experience here at the same time, we will keep you posted once there is any update.

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    Its a bit annoying to have a lot of computers in the list that are not correctly added, when is it going to get fixed?

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    With your Business account you can create "deployment" packages for the streamer application.  This installs on the computer and you can access that computer no matter the user login.  The deployment streamer needs to be installed by an admin on the computer.  Please review the deployment section:


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    I also have the dupes, but in my case is with deployed computer, I've only deployed once, but my Client Appears 8 times offline and 3 Times Online at the same moment.

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    I'm seeing "dupes" as well for a few Windows Server that I have deployed the streamer on to. It is annoying to see one instance offline and another online all of the time, especially when there's no option for a "compact" view of computers.  For example, I work from a Mac, so when I run the Splashtop Business app (v2.6.0.4) I can only see 4 computer instances at a time in the given window.  I have to scroll to see other computers.  I cannot resize the window.  Yes, I use grouping to help out.

    It would be great to see these items addressed in an upcoming release/update of the management app for Mac.  You're going to have a lot of disgruntled ex-LogMeIn customers coming over to you.  I think it's well worth your effort to be pushing out updates ASAP.

    Thank you.

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    Would be great to have this issue already fixed. Use STB for year already, I think, but no progress, still multiplication in computers list.

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    Any updates on this issue? I have one machine in particular that has duped itself at least 10+ times. This is after having cleared it out a couple months ago.

    I'm almost certain this machine is only used by a single user though. At any rate, 2 tops. I've tried completely deleting all of it's entries and completely re-installing the client but seemed only a week and it started duping itself again.

    Might be tolerable if there was a way to batch delete the computers within the web console vs. having to click on them individually

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    @ Mbcolangelo2,

    I noticed the Streamer on most of your Streamer computers is out of date. Please upgrade them to latest version which should solve the issue. (http://www.splashtop.com/downloads)

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    I've got a similar problem:

    • duplicate computers in my.splashtop.com/computers
    • but not duplicated in my.splashtop.com/team/computers
    • can't see any way to delete the duplicates
    • when I try to connect it says "Wrong password. Could not connect."
    • I cleared saved credentials for one of the duplicates and tried again but still says "Wrong password."
    • all of the duplicates give this error - effectively locked out of the computer
    • when I hover the mouse over the computer name the pop-up details are the same - e.g. same version, IP address
    • Duplicate computers appear in my.splashtop.com and Splashtop Business (Mac)
    • Some duplicates are (Win) and some are (Win - latest)
    • I've recently manually updated a number of clients to One of these is duplicated, others are not.
    • Just noticed it in the last few days

    How do I get rid of the duplicates in the my.splashtop.com/computers page?


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    Problem fixed. I logged a job with Splashtop support and the problem was fixed really quickly.. Everything back to normal, no duplicates. Great customer service.