What are the differences between Splashtop Business Access and Splashtop Remote Support?


Splashtop Business Access is for individuals or teams to access their own computers remotely. It is priced by user.

Splashtop Remote Support is for IT professionals or MSPs to remotely support their clients' computers. It is priced by computer.


Please refer to the following pages to get a better idea of the different usage models, features, and pricing:

There are a few additional technical differences between Splashtop Business Access and Splashtop Remote Support that grew out of their different architectures:

Splashtop Business Access

Splashtop Remote Support

Streamer can be deployed with deployment code. Standard streamer with Splashtop ID login can also be used. Streamer must be deployed with deployment code. Standard streamer with Splashtop ID login cannot be used.
Access permissions are configured for each computer individually, one at a time.

Access permissions are configured per user or per group of users.

For each user or group of user, you can grant access to specific computers and/or groups of computer.

Access can be granted to any user within your Business Access team, or any other Business Access account.

Only users within the Splashtop Remote Support account can access its computers.

Secondary users can be added to the Remote Support team. (Secondary users available in Remote Support Premium only.)


Unattended Android Access allows remote support and access to Android devices including smartphones, tablets, rugged devices, POS, kiosks, and set top boxes.

Only includes more basic functions such as file transfer, and system reboot. 1-to-Many Actions allows for simple and easy endpoint management by scheduling tasks from the Splashtop web console. Includes mass deployment, remote command, PowerShell, custom script execution, file transfer, system reboot, and Windows Updates. Available for Windows and Mac.
Users (members) who are invited to team account by account owner or admin, can download and install the streamer on their own computers. Member will have access and be able to share access to another user on their SBA Pro team account, or another user with their own SBA Pro account. Account owner and admins (technicians) can create deployment packages and install streamer on all managed endpoints.
Account owner can invite and enable admins to have group access only. Admins (technicians) can add end users (members) and give them access* to their own computers.
Admins can create deployment packages and deploy streamer to all computers. Admins can invite all users (members) and control all users access permissions.

Admins can create and monitor alert profiles; they can manage windows updates as well as purchase,add and monitor antivirus on computers.



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For existing customers

Splashtop Business Access was formerly named Splashtop Business.

Splashtop Remote Support was formerly named Splashtop Business for Remote Support.

The pricing and terms under which you originally subscribed do not change for you. You can continue to renew at the same price and use the product under the same terms as when you first signed up. We are continuing to improve the product and add new features.

If you would like to learn more about the new products or make a switch, just let us know.

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