Logging into the streamer on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 machines

To enhance the security of the Splashtop remote sessions, the current certificates of the Splashtop service are generated with SHA 256 (SHA2 256), instead of SHA 128.

However, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 cannot obtain certificates from a Windows Server 2008-based certification authority (CA) if the CA is configured to use SHA2 256 or higher encryption

So, to be able to log in the streamer at Windows XP and Server 2003 machines, check the following items:

  1. Make sure it is XP SP3 and Server 2003 SP2 running on the machine with the steamer installed.
  2. Run Windows Updates on the machine to make sure the OS is up to date.

After double checking these items, do the following to import the certificate into your system:

1.  Using Internet Explorer, go to  Tools -> Internet Options -> Content tab (shown below) -> then click the Certificates button (indicated below).




2.  Display the Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab shown below, then search for the keyword "Go Daddy" to find the related value, and then check if it is already expired.




3.  To correct the certificate error, first remove any Go Daddy Class 2 certificate in Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

4. Using any browser, download the following certificate: GoDaddy Class 2 Certification Authority Root Certificate - G2. 
    You can download it from the following link:

5. After downloading the cert, click 'Install Certificate' or double click the downloaded certificate and choose 'Local machine' for the Store Location. Select 'Place all certificates in the following store' -> Browse -> Check ‘Show physical stores-> Trusted Root Certification Authorities -> Local Computer -> OK.



6. Reboot the computer. Then try again to log in on the Splashtop Streamer via deployment code or Splashtop account and see if it works.

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