The Streamer appears at system trey but does not work normally, why?


With latest version AMD Catalyst 15.7 installed, the Streamer fails to be triggered normally on your PC. You will see the Streamer icon appear at system trey trying to log in, but when moving the mouse over it, the Streamer simply disappears.

This is a known issue that AMD Catalyst 15.7 does not support Splashtop AMD optimization feature. Engineering team is working with AMD team to address the issue.

Please follow the steps below to add registry key on your Streamer computer to disable AMD optimization feature before we resolve this issue:

  1. If you installed Straemer with "Just myself" option, please download attached abase.bat file.
    If you installed Streamer with "All users" option and use 64-bit OS, please download attached mbase 64.bat file.
    If you installed Streamer with "All users" option and use 32-bit OS, please download attached mbase 32.bat file.
  2. Right click on the downloaded file, select "run as administrator" option to run the file.
  3. Reboot your PC or restart Streamer. Then Streamer will work normally.


  • The deployment Streamer is installed with "All users" by default. 
  • If you forgot what option you used, please re-install the Streamer then use the option you need.

Update (7/21):

Please upgrade the Streamer to which disables AMD optimization by default, then the Streamer will work normally on your PC. (Please download Streamer from our official website:

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