Why do I get "Failed to initialize video device" when using the Windows client app?


The "Failed to initialize video device" error message is usually related to the DirectX driver or display driver, and only happens on the Windows client app.  Please try the following suggestions when this message displays.

On the computer with the Business app (biz_icon.jpeg):

1.  Verify that DirectX has been installed properly and that Direct3D is enabled, or you could just re-install it to make sure.  This is especially good advice when the Direct3D is not available or disabled.

On this computer, click Windows Start Menu --> Search -> enter dxdiag.exe to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.  Click the Display tab shown below, and check to see if Direct3D is enabled. 


2.  Update your display driver and restart the computer.  Updating the driver normally updates support for Direct3D/DirectX.

3.  Change the Business App's display method from D3D to Windows GDI:

(requires v3.3.0.0 or newer)

  • File -> Options -> Advanced -> Use alternative rendering engine


  •  If using v3.3.8.0 or newer:
    • File -> Options -> Advanced -> Video Rendering Options -> Software




Disable Advanced Architecture codec in Business app

Some users have reported that disabling Advanced Architecture in the Business app fixed the issue.  Try steps below.

Open Business app and click File > Options


Then click the Optimization tab and uncheck Advanced Architecture codec option.







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