After the Streamer installer completed, I can't open the Streamer program

If installation has finished but Splashtop Streamer still cannot start, please try the following suggestions:

Windows Streamer:

  • If you are using Windows XP, and Splashtop Streamer will not start after installation has completed, use Task Manager to stop the SRServer.exe process.  Then manually launch again.
  • We found that if a service process named Terminal Services is disabled, this would prevent the Splashtop Streamer from being launched.  If it is disabled in your case, please enable it manually from Task Manager/Process.

    Note that the Terminal Services process exists only in XP Professional (not in XP Home).  You can find the service as follows: 

    1. Right-click on My Computer and select Manage from the menu.
    2. In the Computer Management window, open Services And Applications in the left pane and click Services.
    3. In the Services pane, there should be a Terminal Services item in the list in the right pane.  If it is disabled, right-click on Terminal Services, select Properties from the menu, then select Manual and click Apply.   The Start button will then be enabled.
    4. Click the Start button to start Terminal Services.  The Splashtop Streamer should then start up automatically!
  • Renaming the plug-in folder (under C or D:\Program Files\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server) in Windows Vista or Win 7 can solve the "Streamer failed to launch" issue if you also have other Splashtop apps like FileHound, CamCam, Whiteboard...
  • Try un-installing the previous installation, restart the PC, then install again.


Mac Streamer:

  • Please make sure your Mac Streamer has been updated to v2.3.0.4 or above, in which we have fixed a known issue related to the Mac Streamer failing to launch.
  • Remove these two files from the  ~Library/preferences folder, then restart the computer to see if there's any difference.  (Only for Mac Streamer v2.2.x or earlier versions.)

- com.splashtop.Splashtop-Streamer.plist

- com.splashtop.Splashtop-Streamer-UsageTracking.plist

  • Follow these steps to completely uninstall, then install again:

a) Update the Streamer to the latest version if it is an older version.

Download the Mac Streamer at:
b) Double-click "Splashtop_Streamer_Mac_vx.x.x.x.dmg"
c) Double-click "Uninstall Splashtop Streamer"
d) Click "Run" to un-install Splashtop Remote.
e) Input your user password to continue the "Run" process, if the system requests.
f) Restart your Mac.
g) Confirm that the Streamer is removed completely (the Splashtop Streamer icon will no longer exist in LaunchPad).

Note: Please don't change Streamer default installation location. It HAS TO be under Applications folder to be successfully launched or uninstalled. 

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