How to fix Mouse cursor Flickering on Windows XP

This is a limitation in Windows XP.   Here we provide a work-around option: 

  1. Please download the attachment  [].
  2. Extract the zip file and execute  [DisableForceCapBlt_XP.reg]  (e.g.  by double-clicking on it).   This may trigger a system warning message;  please agree to proceed.
  3. Connect to the Windows XP computer again from the Splashtop app.
  4. Check to see if the mouse cursor still flickers or not.

There is something we need to highlight here:  This workaround may cause a limitation related to the Windows transparency effect.  That is, for a Windows transparency-effect UI, it may not be shown on the tablet when you connect to your XP.  This would be the trade-off.  The mouse would hopefully no longer flicker, but the Windows transparency-effect UI would not carry over to the client display.

NOTE:  This work-around will be incompatible with some Splashtop apps like Splashtop Whiteboard, Splashtop Presenter.

We are continuing to look for other solutions to this Windows XP limitation.

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