Limitations of the "Blank Screen" feature in Windows & Mac using or older version streamer


Windows Computers

For remote access usage, you may want to blank the host/streamer computer monitor so others cannot see what is happening when you connect with Splashtop.

First open Splashtop Streamer from the Start Menu on Windows (All Programs -> Splashtop Remote -> Splashtop Streamer).  Then click on the "Security" tab.


Windows 7 and newer OS

Please click on the "Install Driver" button to install a driver that will basically turn off the monitor so nothing is shown on the host/streamer computer.  The button changes wording to "Uninstall Driver". (May require a reboot to complete the driver install)


  • DPMS BIOS/video driver support required (Surface 3 may not support) (See note blow)
  • May not be able to adjust screen brightness - uninstall driver to resolve
  • May not be able to use video players to play videos at HD qualities - uninstall driver to resolve
  • Will not work if the WDDM version is 2.2. on the computer. You can execute dxdiag.exe, then go to Display n (n=display number), then check Driver Mode field in Drivers block.
    (Try out our workaround)

Windows Vista and older OS

The driver is not supported and there are known default blank screen limitations.  


    • UAC (User Account Control) dialog nullifies the blank screen when it pops up
    • Changing resolution, switching monitors, or switching desktops shows the screen on the host/streamer computer during the transition for a couple seconds.


Mac Computers

On Mac, open Splashtop Streamer from the Applications folder or from the dock.  Then click on the "Security" tab.



  • The mouse shows on host/streamer computer.
  • On some macOS 10.14 or later machines, checking Enable Blank Screen feature might cause some windows or toolbar to only show blank.
  • It will not blank the remote screen if the remote Mac is at the log-in/locked state. Once logging in the remote screen will be blanked.



1. Video driver update on Windows.

For NV:

For AMD:

For Intel:

2. BIOS update for Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 10GS.

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