How do I subscribe to Splashtop Business?


If you have the Splashtop Personal application or the Splashtop Business application from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or our official website, and want to subscribe to the Splashtop Business feature, please follow the instructions below to purchase it:


  1.  Please log in to your Splashtop Account on the My Splashtop web portal.  Select the business button as shown below, and then you will see the Subscribe button.


    Or, select Account Info from the drop-down menu to access the Account Information screen shown below, then open the Subscriptions tab, and select the Subscribe button for Splashtop Business as indicated below:


  2. Choose the number of seats you want to subscribe to. You can choose to pay using a Credit Card or via Paypal:

You can still check your detailed Splashtop Account info on My Splashtop.


note.gif  Note: 

a. The feature you subscribe to here will be applied to all Splashtop Business apps, including Splashtop Business for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

b. If you originally have Anywhere Access Pack or Productivity Pack subscribed, please remember to cancel them after subscribing Splashtop Business. (They are included in Splashtop Business feature.)

- Cancel subscription via Google Play:

- Cancel subscription via iTunes:

- Cancel subscription on our official website: 

  1. Please log in using your Splashtop Account on the My Splashtop web portal.
  2. Select Account Info from the pull-down menu accessed near the upper right of the screen.  Then in the Account Information screen, open the Subscriptions tab.  
  3. Select the Turn off auto-renewal button.
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