Can I prevent non-admin Windows or Mac users from disabling the streamer?


Update (4/11/2016) - This article is no longer applicable. We have made streamer changes to enable more comprehensive lockdown. Also, streamer is now always running as a service (i.e. always in system-wide mode). Please refer to the new article "How do I prevent users from shutting down the streamer or changing its settings?"

When a streamer is installed in the system-wide mode, only users with admin rights on that Windows or Mac computer can modify the streamer.

By default, the deployable streamer installs in the system-wide mode.

Users without admin rights on that computer will not be able to access the functions under the streamer tray icon, for opening the streamer window, checking for updates, or exiting the streamer.

Depending on whether the computer is Windows or Mac, the functions under the tray icon will either be grayed out or require admin credentials in order to proceed.

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