How do I group my computers? (Splashtop Business Access only)


Just log into and click on Grouping to get started.

Note: Splashtop Business Access only handles computer grouping. To group both users and computers and to assign group-based access permissions, please refer to Splashtop Remote Support.

Create and manage groups

Log into and click on GroupingCreate and manage your groups there.

Note that you must be an admin on the Splashtop Business account to be able to group.




Assign computers to groups

In the computer list, click on “Assign group” under the gear icon to put the computer into a group.




The assignment can also be done automatically by setting it as a deployment package option.

(Please download version 2.6.2.x of the Windows or Mac streamer from or your deployment page).


View a group

All of the groups you’ve created will be listed in a dropdown menu in the web console and the Splashtop Business app.

Just choose a group from the dropdown menu to see the computers in that group.

Web console



Windows app


Additional organization tools

Computer naming

You can also take advantage of the alphabetical sorting of computers in the computer list (in both the Splashtop web console and in the Splashtop Business client apps) to further organize your lists.

The computer name can be changed from the streamer interface and also remotely, right from the web console.




Note that admins have the right to rename any computer.

You can also deploy streamers with the right name in place. When creating the deployment package, pick the name that you want the streamers to use.


Add a descriptive note

To further identify a computer in the computer list, you can add a descriptive note for each computer.


The note will show up when you mouse over the computer while in the web console.

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    adding the ability to have groups, departments, or org chart would be really helpful.

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    I agree with Kdr3. Add Group (something like folders).

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    hi. i need groups because i have a lot of pc..... is very dificult search it. please implement ir soon.


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    Just want to update you it now supports Grouping using Splashtop Business, please refer to the article above for detailed instructions.

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    Allowing the ability to assign a user to a group and then adding "Allow Access by Group" to computers would be very handy.

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    I agree with Charlie, I need some way to control access to computers or groups. I have people that need to see a few computers and shouldn't see all of them for security reasons.

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    I'm a new user and after I submitted the previous comment I did a little more digging and it appears that you can set permissions but you have to do it on the streamer. Moving that functionality too the management console would make it a lot easier to manage.


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    New user here, migrating from Logmein Central, and the limit os 100 groups is very problematic and annoying. Someone knows how to vercome this?



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    I am not quite sure about the issue you mentioned. Do you mean the group numbers in a team? Or the computer numbers in a group?

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    When I create groups of computers to organize them (grouping option in management), I'm getting this message from the system:

    "You have reached the limit of 100 groups. Please delete some groups before creating new ones"

    And this is a problem because I need more groups, I'm organizing the computers by client and we have more than 100 clients.


    Fernando Delgado


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    Talked to development team and just like you mentioned, there is a 100 groups limitation by current design.

    We also have a conclusion that we could remove this restriction. Since it will need some changes on our backend and to pass internal test, it might take some time. I will keep you updated here.

    Thanks for your constructive feedback!

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    The max numbers of group is now at 250. Please feel free to contact us again if there is any other question.

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    Another very helpful tool would be the ability to sort by column.  The default sort by computer name is difficult for managing large numbers and not ideal for a business audience.  The filters are handy but too many clicks for repetitive needs. I find myself duplicating effort by creating groups and naming computers with prefix group names to get a useful sort.  Sort by group or especially collapsible grouping would be helpful in both the web interface and application.

    Thanks for your consideration

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    I tried Splashtop last year but it was missing too many features - many organizational - that I need in supporting over 200 computers. However, it looks like Splashtop is paying a lot of attention to its users' comments and requests and adding features quickly. Kudus to Splashtop for working with their customers!

    I think I am going to give it another try but I have some questions first:

    1) Can I give a user remote access to some - but not all - computers in a group? Can this access be modified by me (admin) in the control panel or only during deployment?

    2) When looking at all computers & groups in the control panel, does it give a summary of the number of computers in each group? I find this very useful!

    3) Is remote PRINTING supported - user can print from remote computer to their own local printer? Definitely need this for a few clients!

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    @ Smithdan,

    Thanks for the kindly words!

    As for your questions:

    1. Share access is currently computer basis, so you could share some of the computers in a group to one of your admin. 

      As the owner of a team,  you could modify computer share access which installed with deployment Streamer or normal Streamer logged with your Splashtop account.

      You can't modify a computer's share access right which logged with other Splashtop account.

    2. On, you could view your computers by groups. It will also show the number of computers in each group by group view.

      We will apply similar design to new Splashtop Business client which should be available soon.

    3. It does not support remote printing. But we suggest you could take advantage of File Transfer feature to transfer the target files then print. 

      You could refer to for more detailed instruction about File Transfer feature.

    Hope this helps and please feel free to let us know if there is still any questions.

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    When a user has access to multiple groups the groups do not carry through to that user.  I see the groups as an Admin but the end user for example has access to 3 groups, group A, B, and C, but all of the machines that are in the separate groups are just in one big list, is there a way to make the grouping carrying through if they have access to the group?

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    There is a setting that you need to uncheck so members could also see the grouping. The option is under account info / team tab.