How do I group my computers? (Splashtop Business Access only)


Just log into and click on Grouping to get started.

Note: Splashtop Business Access only handles computer grouping. To group both users and computers and to assign group-based access permissions, please refer to Splashtop Remote Support.

Create and manage groups

Log into and click on GroupingCreate and manage your groups there.

Note that you must be an admin on the Splashtop Business account to be able to group.




Assign computers to groups

In the computer list, click on “Assign group” under the gear icon to put the computer into a group.




The assignment can also be done automatically by setting it as a deployment package option.

(Please download version 2.6.2.x of the Windows or Mac streamer from or your deployment page).


View a group

All of the groups you’ve created will be listed in a dropdown menu in the web console and the Splashtop Business app.

Just choose a group from the dropdown menu to see the computers in that group.

Web console



Windows app


Additional organization tools

Computer naming

You can also take advantage of the alphabetical sorting of computers in the computer list (in both the Splashtop web console and in the Splashtop Business client apps) to further organize your lists.

The computer name can be changed from the streamer interface and also remotely, right from the web console.




Note that admins have the right to rename any computer.

You can also deploy streamers with the right name in place. When creating the deployment package, pick the name that you want the streamers to use.


Add a descriptive note

To further identify a computer in the computer list, you can add a descriptive note for each computer.


The note will show up when you mouse over the computer while in the web console.

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