Customize the default streamer settings for deployment


You can customize the default streamer settings that are used when you deploy the streamer out to your users and computers.

Customizing streamer settings is part of the process of creating a streamer deployment package.

When you click on the Create Deployment Package button (web console > Management > Deployment), you will see all of the options you can customize.


When this deployment package (deployable streamer plus 12-digit deployment code) is installed on a computer, the streamer on the computer will default to your specified settings.

Potential uses of deployment package options

  • Create a deployment package for each of your client businesses. Set a computer naming rule so that all of the computers in the same business are automatically named after that business.
  • Turn off auto-launch of streamer, for businesses that prefer to manually start the streamer only when computer support is needed.
  • Hide the streamer tray icon, to prevent end users from tampering with the streamer.
  • Maintain user privacy by not directing sound to the remote device.
  • Enforce additional security measures such as prompting for user permission before connecting, locking the computer upon connecting, or locking the computer after a session ends.
  • Lock streamer setting using Splashtop admin credentials, so the streamer settings will be locked and can only be unlocked by admins on your Splashtop Business team.
  • Automatically disconnect an inactive session over a certain amount of minutes.
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