How do I embed the 12-digit deployment code into the Windows streamer installer?


Update (4/13/2016) - This article has been replaced. The 3.0.6.x versions of Splashtop streamer support an easier way to achieve a similar result, and both Windows and Mac are now supported. Please refer to the new article "How do I embed the deployment code into the installer?"

Note 1: This idea is contributed by a fellow user ("Info") back in January 2015 in the user comments section of the support article How do I use Splashtop Business for remote support. It really works great. @Info, thank you!

Note 2: Embedding the code directly into the streamer as downloaded from Splashtop is on our development roadmap. We don't have a time frame yet.

Get your Splashtop deployable streamer and 12-digit code

Follow the instructions on this support article to create a deployment package.

From the deployment package, you will get two important components required in the later steps:

  1. Windows streamer installer
  2. 12-digit deployment code

Get InstallForge

Download InstallForge from

Create package in InstallForge

(closely based on the instructions written by "Info")

  1. Launch InstallForge
  2. In General > General > Program name field, type the program name that will be used to name the folder under \Program Files.
  3. In Setup > Files, click on "Add Files..."
    Select the Windows streamer installer that you downloaded earlier for your deployment package.
    Also uncheck the box that says "Allow user to change installation path" to eliminate an installation prompt.

  4. In Setup > Uninstall, check "Include Uninstaller" so the system will have an uninstaller to uninstall the wrapper created by InstallForge.
    (Splashtop Streamer still has its own, separate uninstaller.)

  5. In Setup > Commands, click on "Add..."
    Set "Type" to Execute application
    Set "Command" to <installpath> followed by file name of the Windows streamer installer (e.g. <installpath>\streamer.exe)
    Set "Parameters" to prevercheck /s /i dcode=your_code,confirm_d=0,autologin=1,hidewindow=1 (replace your_code with the 12-digit deployment code for your deployment package)

  6. Then just click on the Build icon

That's it!

Now you can send the resulting Windows installer to your users.

The user just needs to double click on the Windows installer to launch it. Then it's only 3 clicks for the whole process to complete (UAC, "Next" button, "Finish" button).

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