How do I group my users and computers? (Splashtop Remote Support only)


Group your users and computers for easier management. Assign access permissions by user or by user group.

Get started by logging into and clicking on Grouping.


  • User grouping and group-based access control are only available in Splashtop Remote Support. They are not available in Splashtop Business Access. Read more about the differences between the two products.
  • Each user or computer can only belong to one group.


Group computers for easier management. Your computers will then be organized by groups on your Splashtop Business app and the web console.

Group users for easier access permission control. You can set access permissions for an entire group of users. New users added to the group can inherit that group's access permission settings.

Create a group

Create groups by logging into and clicking on Grouping.

You can create 3 types of groups:

  1. User-only group
  2. Computer-only group
  3. User and computer group

A user-only group can only consist of users. Grouping users is useful for setting access permissions for multiple users at a time. It is also useful for automatically applying access permissions to a new user.

A computer-only group can only consist of computers. Grouping computers helps to organize a large computer list, for easier navigation. It can also make assigning access permissions easier. You can grant user access to a whole group of computers.

A user and computer group is a special group that is a shortcut for group-based access control. You can add both users and computers to this group. By default, all users in this group can access all computers in this group.

Add users or computers to the group

From the grouping page, use the gear icon to the right of the group to add users or computers. Multiple users or computers can be added at a time.

From the computer list page, use the gear icon to the right of each computer to assign that computer to a group, one computer at a time.

When inviting a user, you can optionally choose a user group. Upon accepting the invitation, the user will automatically be placed in that group and inherit the group's access permissions.

Edit group

From the grouping page, use the gear icon to the right of the group to edit the group properties. You can rename the group. You can also change a user-only group or computer-only group to a "user and computer" group.

Set access permissions

Access permissions are set on the Users page, under Management > Users.

You can set access permissions for a single user or a group of users.

Click on the gear icon to the right of a user or user group and choose "Access Permission."

You can then select any combination of computers and computer groups to be accessible by that user or user group.

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    Dennis McGuire

    Any plans to allow a user to be a member of more than one group? Since some of your intended audience is MSP, we obviously would have support staff that would work on/have access to more than one customer. We've got computers grouped by customer since that's the grouping that makes the most sense, conceptually and for enforcing group security. As it is now, a staff member can only be member of one group at a time. We have the need for them to be a member of multiple groups (and therefore customers) but we do not want them necessarily to be a member of all groups either since they may not have the correct skillset or clearance. I hope that makes sense.

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    I think I understand.

    It's fairly straightforward to allow a user to access multiple groups of computers: Management > Users > Access permission (for a particular user) > Only specific computers and computer groups. Then you can checkbox the multiple computer groups you'd like.

    Does that help you?

    I know it's not exactly what you asked about, with a user being in multiple groups.

  • Avatar
    Dennis McGuire

    Yes, that'll work. Thank you

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    I tried adding a user to give him access to a group of computers. But when I send the invite it fails stating he is already on another team. How can I give him access to this group of computers on my account?

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    A user can be only in one team at a time. Your user needs to leave his team to join your team. On the web portal (, he can find the option to leave the team.

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    Paul Mathew

    @Dmcguire and Daniel,

    As you explained earlier my understanding is that your team member abc wants to manage 2 different computer groups and you want that user abc in both the groups.

    Maybe you already figured out how to fulfill this.

    I am new to Splashtop and I want to learn more about this product and if there is anything I am missing please let me know.

    In the Grouping you can create separate groups for Computers and Users and add the computers to the desired groups depends on the OS or Role or etc. and create user groups depends on the support level. Once you place the users into the appropriate groups, you can assign access permission to the group and on the user access permission, you can select the computer groups and individual computers within the groups.

    @Support, Daniel
    This is my understanding and if there is anything wrong or anything I am missing please let me know.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Paul Mathew

    Edited by Paul Mathew
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    You're exactly right. Thank you for writing that out in depth.

    A user can be granted permission to access any number of computers and/or computer groups.

    So, even though a user cannot be in multiple user groups, and a computer cannot be in multiple computer groups, it should still be possible to configure the desired access permissions.

    Appreciate all the suggestions!