How do I prevent users from shutting down the streamer or changing its settings?


Splashtop streamer can be locked down to reduce undesired changes by end users, whether the end user has a standard or admin user account on that computer.

Note: Be sure you are using the latest version of the streamer (version 3.0.6.x), downloadable from

Note that the Log Out button is now completely hidden on deployment streamers.

Default behavior

Admin privilege (e.g. admin user account on Windows or Mac) is required for the following actions:

  • Exit streamer
  • Change streamer's computer name
  • Change security options (authentication, lock screen, blank screen, etc.)
  • Change anything in Settings tab (auto launch, sound, etc.)
  • Change proxy settings
  • Check for updates

To unlock, a standard or admin user can simply click on Unlock Settings and follow the subsequent prompts. On Windows, the user will go through Windows's normal UAC flow.


A standard user can still open the streamer window to see basic streamer info such as version and computer name (read-only).

Additional lockdown options

To reduce undesired changes by end users who have admin level privilege on that computer, we have added a few more options. A new deployment package must be created.

  • Lock streamer settings using Splashtop admin ID/password (instead of Windows/Mac admin account)
  • Hide streamer tray icon

To enable these options, create a new deployment package, enable the desired options, then deploy with that new deployment package.


To update existing streamers with these settings, please create a new deployment package with the desired settings and re-install the streamer using the new deployment code.


This article supersedes an older article "Can I prevent non-admin Windows or Mac users from disabling the streamer?" which is no longer applicable.


Have additional suggestions on how to prevent undesired streamer changes by users? Please let us know.

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    Dear Splashtop Team,

    It is wonderful to have extra security feature enabled, however, it is a pain in the neck to re-create new deployment package every time you update software. Is there any way to implement extra security feature when upgrading application?


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    Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately deployment packages cannot be "edited" since we don't have the ability to push out news settings to the streamers. We'll evaluate adding this ability in the long term, but it does require an architectural revamp.

    As you noted, the workaround right now is to re-create deployment packages and enable the new desired options in them. Then deploy again. We're designing a "clone deployment package" function, to at least make it easier to re-create deployment packages.

    Would that help?

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    I have noticed on some computers with previous Splashtop Deployment Code, that not only do I have to uninstall the previous Splashtop, but I also had to manually delete all Splashtop folders in various locations & do a regedit & remove Splashtop registry keys that contained previous Deployment Code & then reboot prior to launching the new deployment setup file. I do recall Splashtop having a removal tool that avoids having to do manual registry editing (for those not wanting to do manual regedit). I will monitor this moving forward as I switch out computers from my old deployment code to my new one, but thought I would post this for anyone having difficulty updating a workstation that had a previous deployment code.

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    Another note, to add an additional layer of not allowing end user tampering, I found this article very helpful (particularly the section on adding a dword value of SystemComponent & modifying that dword value to 1). I tested this on both the Splashtop Streamer entry, as well as the Splashtop Software Updater, and neither of them appear in Programs & Features after applying the Registry changes.

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    @ Jackson-computers,

    It is by design that the upgrade will not mess the original streamer setting, the original setting of the streamer will be kept. If you want to apply the new deployment setting, re-installation is needed (uninstall previous one then install the new one). 

    But it should not need to manually cleanup the folder, registry keys, etc. Simply uninstall then re-install should work. I also attach the cleanup tool.

    Thanks for the sharing about hiding entries in Programs & Features, I will forward this to the development team. Thank you!