How do I embed the deployment code into the installer?


Note 1: This article deprecates the previous workaround that involved InstallForge. InstallForge is no longer needed. Thanks to all users who contributed to the idea.

Note 2: Do not run this streamer installer during a remote session to update an existing streamer. It is not silent. It is meant for your customer to manually run.
To update silently during a remote session, run the regular streamer installer (e.g. no deployment code in file name).

1. Get your deployment streamer and 12-digit code

If you don't already have a deployment package, follow the instructions on this support article to create one.

From the deployment package, you will get two important parts required in the next step:

  • Streamer installer for Windows or Mac (must be version or above)
  • 12-digit deployment code

2. Rename the installer file

Append a dash ("-") and the 12-digit deployment code to the file name (just before .exe or .dmg).

Replace 0123456789AB in the examples below with your own deployment code.

For Windows

Original file name: Splashtop_Streamer_Windows_v3.0.6.3.exe

New file name example #1: Splashtop_Streamer_Windows_v3.0.6.3-0123456789AB.exe

New file name example #2: streamer-0123456789AB.exe

For Mac

Original file name: Splashtop_Streamer_MAC_v3.0.6.2.dmg

New file name example #1: Splashtop_Streamer_MAC_v3.0.6.2-0123456789AB.dmg

New file name example #2: streamer-0123456789AB.dmg

3. Send the renamed installer file to your users

Share the renamed installer file with your users, using whatever means you have (e.g. email, Dropbox, download link on your website, etc.).

The user just needs to double click on the installer to launch it. Then it's only 2 clicks for the whole process to complete (UAC and "Confirm" button).

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    Andrew Westrope - Warwickshire IT

    Should this not be used when you set up deployments

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    Works perfectly.



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    So this cannot be used when sending a link to new clients to install remote software then?

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    All you have to do is download the Streamer and rename it, appending your deployment code you have generated for a particular "group".

    Then either zip it and email it, or like I did, put it up on Dropbox or some other sharing service and send them a link. Once they download it, all they have to do is run the installer. Once the installer is done you can immediately connect and set up the appropriate security and passwords.

    I had 2 very novice new clients accomplish the new deployment install without a hitch. No need for SOS to get a new deployment done.

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    So the above statement " Should this not be used when you set up deployments" is not applicable then. 

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    It's an alternative to sending the deployment link so the client doesn't have to deal with entering the deployment code. They just install and answer yes to a couple of install popup warnings/infos. You have to prepare the installer with the right name (by including deployment code) and get it to them anyway you can.

    I think Andrew meant "Shouldn't this be used...."

    That's the way I read it. Try it, you'll like it.

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    Dave Barnes

    I have had a user do this successfully by using a download link. However, the PC that has been updated has had its Group identity removed. Come to think of it, this was the case when I manually updated a couple of PCs when I sat in front of them!

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    We also replied to your ticket, if there is still any question, please let us know.

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    Ben Hendricks

    Found this website and now I have created a silent, one-click installer. UAC only.

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    On the Mac OS side: DMGs still require users to interact / perform the installation process. Pushing out a .pkg file via Apple Remote Desktop (or similar tool) is really what most Mac admins would want, which is always possible as long as you already have admin access to the Macs you're managing. It would also make it possible to include Splashtop as part of a standard automated deployment process using Casper, DeployStudio, etc.

    Can the availability of installers as .pkgs please be added to the "wish list"?


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    We have command line parameters supported to silently install the Mac streamer using DMG file. Here is the FAQ article:

    Will this help? And will you still need PKG file to deploy?


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    Yeah it would be helpful for sure.

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    Will the deployment options ever allow the deployment code to be embedded in the installer so I don't have to host the file just to rename it?