Updating Splashtop streamer (beta test complete)


Splashtop streamer is the agent software that is installed on the computers that you remotely access.

As many of you know, updating Splashtop streamer is a manual process today (described at the bottom of this article).

We are working on automatic, silent update, targeting rollout in 2-3 months. We would love some help in beta testing this capability. Please read through below if you're interested to help.

Automatic, silent update coming soon

We have been developing this and expect to start rolling out in 2-3 months.

If you can help us beta test this feature, please write a note to beta@splashtop.com. (Thank you!)

Beta testing will entail roughly these steps:

  • We send you a test build of streamer that will be able to silently check for update and update itself, without any prompts or user intervention.

  • You install that test build on several computers that you have easy access to (in case anything goes wrong). Ideally, it's installed across a couple different OS versions.

  • We publish a new streamer to our update server.

  • If all goes well, all the machines you've installed the test build on will update within a few days.

  • You would let us know, for those machines, whether the update has completed successfully and the machines are still remotely accessible.

The manual update process today

  1. Remote into the computer whose streamer you'd like to update.
  2. On that computer, download the latest Splashtop streamer. The easiest place may be www.splashtop.com. There's a "Download Streamer" button in the top-right corner.
  3. Run the installer. That's it!

All of your previous settings will be carried over. Your remote session will disconnect after update starts. It may take a minute or two for the update to complete. After update completes, that computer should be online and remotely accessible again.

Update 8/30/2016

Test build is available. Initial beta testing results look good. We should be officially releasing to our website by mid-September. Thanks to all of you who helped to test! Your help really made a difference.

If you don't have the test build but would like to get your hands on it (before the official release is available), please write to beta@splashtop.com.

For those of you who installed the test build, it will automatically update to any new, future versions we release.

Update 9/6/2016

Beta testing is complete. Version of Splashtop streamer has been released to our website for both Windows and Mac. This version will automatically update to any future versions we release to our update server.

Note that old versions (pre- still need to be updated manually.

Big thanks goes out to the beta testers for the tremendous effort and the valuable feedback!

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    Version still not updating automatically to

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    @Techguy86, streamer was released on Dec 8, and your streamer should be automatically updated within couple weeks. You could also click check for update button in the streamer to manually update the streamer.

    If it still stays with in the following week, or the check for update button doesn't work, please let us know. Thank you.

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    We are still seeing popups asking to upgrade to from I thought these updtaes were supposed to be silent now?

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    You're right; streamer update from v3.1.x.x and on should be silent. Let me rule out a few other things first:

    1) Can you make sure the pop-up isn't for the Splashtop Business app? (We just released a new version yesterday.)
    Streamer update is silent, but Splashtop Business app is still notification-based.

    2) Did someone click on the streamer's "check for update" button?
    When streamer update is initiated through that button, we go through the usual "user confirmation" process, since someone's there and proactively doing it.

    Please post a screenshot of the update pop-up that you see.

    You're also welcome to file a support ticket if you want to provide the screenshot and details offline. Just mention you're working with me.