Why is there no sound on my Mac? Or why do I hear noise coming from my Mac's microphone?


Please make sure Soundflower is installed on your Mac.  This may be the main reason why sound is not working properly.

  1. Normally, the Soundflower driver is installed with the Mac Streamer installation.  Verify that Soundflower is correctly installed.  

    Open System Preferences and select Sound as shown below. 


    The "Input" and "Output" of the Sound settings should contain Soundflower (2ch) as shown below:

  2. Please make sure Input volume and Output volume are at maximum.  This may help if you still can't get sound.  (Some users told us that this was the reason why they were not getting sound on their tablet/phone.)


  3. For the versions of Splashtop Streamer for Mac since v2.3.0.4+, please verify that the "Output sound only to mobile device" button is selected in the Settings tab of the Splashtop Streamer box as shown below.



    After you have completed the steps above, you should be able to hear the desired audio on your tablet/phone instead of your Mac's microphone noises.

4.  Sometimes the Soundflower audio driver which Splashtop uses may develop unknown problems and cause sound issues on the Client side(no sound or very low volume).  Please try the following steps to see if there is any improvement.

a.  Uninstall the Mac Streamer.

b.  Uninstall Soundflower.

c.  Restart the computer.

d.  Re-install the Mac Streamer.  This will also install Soundflower again automatically.  It's better to restart the computer again.

Please see sections "A" and "B" below, for more detailed steps.

note.gif  NOTES:

  • If you want sound to be played on both your Mac and your tablet or phone, make sure the Enable sound redirection / Mute this computer (v2.2.0.1+) checkbox is enabled (checked) as shown above. 
  • Then in the options available on the "Soundflower Settings menu," make sure the Soundflower (2ch) property is set to Built-in Output (refer to Step 3), or select Built-in device in Step 2 Input/Output.
  • If you un-check the Enable sound redirection / Mute this computer (v2.2.0.1+)  option (refer to Step 4), and have not properly installed Soundflower (with "Internal microphone" selected in Sound/Input tab during the Splashtop session), then you may still hear the Mac's microphone noises on your tablet/phone.
  • In Mac Streamer v2.3.0.4 and later versions, there are two additional Sound options provided, as indicated in the illustration above.  You can choose to stream sound to the mobile device only, or to keep sound on the computer side only.


A).  How do I completely un-install Mac Streamer?

1.  Click "Go" on the Tray menu (upper left) and select Downloads to open the Download folder.
2.  Double-click on the "Splashtop_Streamer_Mac_vx.x.x.x.dmg" file.  (The file name will vary depending on the version downloaded.)
3.  Double-click "Uninstall Splashtop Streamer."
4.  If a warning message appears, click "Open" in the message box.
5.  Input user password to continue the Running if system requests it.
6.  Restart your Mac.
7.  Confirm that the Streamer is removed completely (the Splashtop Streamer icon no longer exists in LaunchPad).


B).  How do I un-install Soundflower?

1.  Click "Go" on the Tray menu (upper left).

2.  Click the  "Go to Folders" item.
3.  Type "/System/Library/Extensions"
4.  Find the file "Soundflower.kext"
5.  Remove that file, and then re-start the Mac system.
6.  Open System Preferences -> Sound -> Output.
You should not see SoundFlower any more in the Output tab.


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