Splashtop Streamer for Windows v3.0.6.2 released (deployment streamer/SOS streamer included)


What’s New in

  • Support Chat.
  • Support lock streamer settings by SPID.
  • Support  hide streamer tray icon.
  • Support filename d-code installation.
  • Command line: support reassign d-code, add a new parameter "sec_opt" for security code option.
  • Connection toaster customization.
  • New URI command: generate a random streamer UUID.
  • NVIDIA SDKv3 support.
  • File transfer with better flow control.
  • Support show/hide remote cursor.
  • Refine SRManager checking flow.
  • Enable capture threshold for low video memory platform .      
  • Fix: Cursor flash issue on remote session.
  • Fix: Cannot show list in file transfer dialog, when target file path include “\\” at beginning.
  • Fix: Cannot print file, when target file path redirects to network drive.
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