Splashtop Streamer for Windows v3.0.8.2 released (deployment streamer/SOS streamer included)


What’s New in

  • Simplify the log collection process.
  • UUID duplicate auto detection.
  • Support force logout (delete) computer.
  • Notification of slow capture detection.
  • Enforce v3 auth and tidy up security settings.
  • Enable v3 auth in STE mode.
  • Mirror driver supported Windows versions.
  • Timer randomization for GetRelay 503 and 12-hr GetRelay retry.
  • Fix: Refine already in a session behavior.
  • Fix: Client will get black screen when it connects to the Windows logon screen in the server with hyper-v.
  • Fix: Remote print driver will not work when the session is established from the Windows logon screen.
  • (SOS) No LAN mode in standard user account to prevent firewall warning.
  • (SOS) Fix UAC dialog will be closed by multi-touch event.
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