Why can't I click the Allow button to finish the streamer installation on MacOS 10.13 machines?


On MacOS 10.13 machines, Soundflower Kext needs to be installed before you can stream sound from a MacOS 10.13 machine to your device. This is a new security feature introduced by Apple.

The Allow button, to complete the Soundflower install, is under the menu  System Preference / Security & Privacy / General tab. 

However, if you try to click the Allow button in a remote session, such as, a Splashtop remote session or LogMeIn remote session, the click will not register.  Clicking on the Allow button is not registered through a remote session to install any drivers - Splashtop or others.

This is also by design from Apple for security. Some one at the physical Mac computer needs to click on the Allow button.


Note: Even without the Soundflower loaded, the installation is still complete - just no audio streaming support.





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    Smooth Support / David Brown

    Is there no way around it?

    I have several mac computers I support where there is no physical access to the machines and to travel to the location to go just to click on a button is not possible :(

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    This is a security feature designed by Apple, so we don't have a workaround.

    Even you don't install soundflower, you can still establish a remote session, just can't stream sound. You can go to the mac later to complete the soundflower installation.