Why can't I click the Allow button to finish the streamer installation on MacOS 10.13 machines?


On MacOS 10.13 machines, Soundflower Kext needs to be installed before you can stream sound from a MacOS 10.13 machine to your device. This is a new security feature introduced by Apple.

The Allow button, to complete the Soundflower install, is under the menu  System Preference / Security & Privacy / General tab. 

However, if you try to click the Allow button in a remote session, such as, a Splashtop remote session or LogMeIn remote session, the click will not register.  Clicking on the Allow button is not registered through a remote session to install any drivers - Splashtop or others.

This is also by design from Apple for security. Some one at the physical Mac computer needs to click on the Allow button.


Note: Even without the Soundflower loaded, the installation is still complete - just no audio streaming support.





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    Smooth Support / David Brown

    Is there no way around it?

    I have several mac computers I support where there is no physical access to the machines and to travel to the location to go just to click on a button is not possible :(

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    This is a security feature designed by Apple, so we don't have a workaround.

    Even you don't install soundflower, you can still establish a remote session, just can't stream sound. You can go to the mac later to complete the soundflower installation.


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    I ran into this with a headless mac. I plugged in the local mouse, the remote viewer instructed me where to move the mouse and when to click. It still didn't work.

    Being careful not to move the mouse after getting in position, the remote viewer closed the splashtop session. I clicked blindly. The remote viewer reconnected and Success!

    I see a market for a remote controlled mouse with delayed click for remote mac admins. Another idea is to write an apple script to click on the location after a delay, to give the remote user a chance to quit splashtop.

    Better yet, how about Splashtop provide a delayed mouse click script as part of the application. Splashtop would grab the coordinates of the click location, fire off the script with the delay built in, close the session, wait for the necessary amount of time - and reconnect again?