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  1. On the computers/devices you want to remote from:

  2. Prepare the computers you want to remote to:

    •  Log in to and select   to install Splashtop Streamer Streamer_icon on the computers you want to remote to.

  3. Connect using Splashtop Business app

    • Double-click on the computer to connect.

    • Refresh the computer list if you don't see your computer.

For more detailed steps see the, Installation Tutorial

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    Jerrod Hoaas

    So what do i have to install if i want to be able to remote to AND from a specific computer? do i have to run both packages?

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    You can just install both Splashtop Business app and Splashtop streamer on the same computer.


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    Faye Lespreance

    When I try to connect it asks for a valid windows user name and password. I've tried everything. How do I figure this out?

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    I also replied to your ticket.
    It is the Windows login credential on the remote computer which you remotely connect to you should enter on the window.


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    stien Davis

    the app keeps telling me I need to validate my account, however there is no validation email and no way to tigger the resending of it.

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    @stien Davis, the emails may be captured by filters in your junk/spam folder. Instead of using emails to authenticate, you can enable 2-step instead:

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    Christian Spight

    How do I get a Microsoft Account thru this problem

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    What is the problem you mentioned is?

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    Matthew Greenwood

    Getting a no connection messay

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    Please file a ticket so we can dig deeper to resolve the issue. Thanks!