Enable Blank Screen feature doesn't work on WDDM 2.2 or later device



When remote to Windows 10 computers, there is a known issue that the Enable Blank Screen feature will not work, if the Driver Model is WDDM 2.2 or later on the computer.

You can search and execute dxdiag.exe on the remote computer, then check Display tab which will indicate which version of Driver Model is used.


The team recently came up with a workaround but might have some side effects. We would like to invite you to give it a try then share us your feedback.

How to trial

  1. Download version streamer:
    deployment version link
    general version link
  2. Download attached WDDM.reg_.
  3. Rename WDDM.reg_ to WDDM.reg, then execute it on the remote computer with the streamer installed.
  4. Establish a remote session with Enable Blank Screen feature enabled.

Known issue

  • If you play audio through HDMI on the remote computer, there will be no sound during the remote session.
  • If there are multiple monitors on the remote computer, not all of them will be detected during the remote session.
  • Please note that the known issues will be recovered after session disconnected.

Give us feedback

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