Unattended Android Streamer


The Unattended Android Streamer is available with the Splashtop Remote Support Premium Plan and SOS Enterprise.

For more information on connecting into Android devices, see this article.

1. Sign up for a trial account

  • For assistance on Splashtop SOS Enterprise trial setup, please email us at sales@splashtop.com

Already have Remote Support Basic or Plus?

If you already have a Remote Support Basic or Plus subscription, go to https://my.splashtop.com/premium/ (my.splashtop.eu/team_deployment) to start a 7-day trial of Remote Support Premium.

2. Install the Splashtop Business app

Download and install the Business app on the computers / devices you want to connect from. Log in to the Business app with your Splashtop Account.


Note down the 12-digit deployment code found in your my.splashtop.com / my.splashtop.eu console (Management and Deployment) for the next step.

3. Install Android Streamer

On the Android device(s) you want to connect to, install Splashtop Streamer from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, download and install the Streamer APK from my.splashtop.com (my.splashtop.eu) > Management -> Deployment > Deploy: select the APK installer under Option 2.

Launch the Streamer app on the device and enter the 12-digit deployment code from Step 2.

Additional steps to enable remote control of supported Android devices

The device owner may need to grant privilege or install an add-on app to enable remote control of these devices.

View-only support for other devices

For devices not listed above, you can connect in view-only mode. If you are using other devices and would like to enable remote control, please let us know the brand of your devices.

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