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Review of Splashtop Team Settings

Team Name

This is the name of your Splashtop team users will see when invited to your team. This can only be changed if you are the owner of the team.

Computers(Available in SRS, SOS, Enterprise)

This is a count of how many computers have been deployed in the team. 

Users(Available in SBA)

This is a count of how many active and total users are on your team. This can only be changed if you are the owner of the team. 


These checkboxes control various aspects of your team, which include feature usage, visibility options for members, and security protocols. All of the "Enable.." options will enable/disable for the entire team while "All members.." options are role-based control. Options on this tab will vary depending on which product you are on.

Session Indicator

This checkbox controls the display type for remote connections(pop-up, banner, pop-up & banner)


Enable the ability to receive emails for certain aspects of your account, i.e. when a user accepts an invitation to your team, when a user leaves your team when a computer is added to your account, etc...

Two-Step Verification

These options control if you want to force your members or admins into using Two-Step Verification, allow users to trust the devices they log in from, and disable device authentication when 2FA is turned on. 

Device / Browser Authentication

These control who the email authentications are sent to when trying to authenticate a Device or Browser.  (This feature is automatically turned off if a user has Two-Step Verification enabled.)

Browser Timeout

This setting lets you log out users from the web console when they are idle for a certain amount of time. The different time options are: Never, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, and 24 hours. Note: Setting takes effect upon next login.

OOBE instruction(Only available in SBA)

Select if you prefer to instruct members on OOBE to download and install. For more information, click here.

Third-party Integration(Only available in Enterprise and SOS+)

These settings let you set up API Keys for your third-party integration. Splashtop has integrated with ServiceNowZendeskFreshservice, Freshdesk, and Jira. You can easily enable your technicians to remotely support your users using Splashtop SOS. For more information click here

Single Sign-On(Only available in Enterprise)

The Single Sign-On(SSO) integration lets users authenticate their Splashtop account using their centralized SSO user ID and password. You can click on "Apply for new SSO method" to get started. 

SCIM Provisioning Token(Only available in Enterprise) 

This setting enables users/groups to provision from their identity provider. We currently support SCIM provisioning and a secret token is required to be configured on your IdP portal. Please click here for more information.

Scheduled Access(Only available in Enterprise)

This setting allows the owner of the team to choose the correct Scheduled Access Timezone. Please keep in mind that the timezone cannot be changed when a schedule is in place. You can read more about Scheduled Access here

Splashtop Business Access Team Settings


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