Streamer URI Commands


The URI commands can be used to change the following settings for the Splashtop Streamer.

Typically you can run these commands in CMD/Terminal or in the address bar of a web browser.

Scheme and URL

  • port: Streamer port value
  • hidetrayicon: hide/show streamer tray icon
    0: show tray icon
    1: hide tray icon
  • resetuuid: reset streamer uuid.
    0: no action
    1: reset uuid
  • sec_opt: security option
    0: No additional password
    1: Require security code
    2: Require Windows/Mac login
  • securitycode: Set security code for Streamer
  • req_perm: Request permission to connect 
    0: off
    1: reject after time expired
    2: connect after time expired
  • enable_saus: enabled auto update or not (saus: Splsahtop Auto Update Service)
    0: disable auto update
    1: enable auto update
  • start_saus: start auto update
    0: no action
    1: start auto update
  • force_disconnect: force disconnect for current remote session.
    0: no action
    1: disconnect current remote session
  • sound: sound output option
    0: local computer only
    1: output to client device only
    2: output to both local computer and client device (windows only)
  • enable_lan: enable/disable Lan connection (default enabled)
    0: disable Lan connection
    1: enable Lan connection


Running Terminal (Mac), to disable auto updates in the streamer, run this command:

open 'st-streamer://com.splashtop.streamer?enable_saus=0'

Running Command Prompt (Windows), to disable auto updates in the streamer, run this command:

start st-streamer://com.splashtop.streamer?enable_saus=0

Running from a Web Browser, to disable auto updates in the streamer, type in the address bar:

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