SSO setup - Azure AD (SAML2.0) (EU region )

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Splashtop now supports logging in and Splashtop Business app using the credential created from your SAML 2.0 identity providers. Please follow the below instructions to create an app from Azure AD console.

Get the app on Azure AD console

1. Log in Azure AD console. Select an Azure AD Directory, or create a new one.

2. Click Enterprise applications under Manage menu.

3. Click "+ New application".


4. Select Non-gallery application, then give a Name to start configuring.


5. After adding the app, select Set up single sign on, then select SAML.


6. Edit Basic SAML configuration.
Identifier (Entity ID):
Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL)
Sign on URL: 


7. Edit User Attributes & Claims.
Unique User Identifier: user.mail
Leave others without changes.

8. Done!


Add user/group to the created app

Click Add user to add users to the created enterprise application so the user can use SSO feature.


Apply for an SSO method from

Now you have the Login URL, Azure AD Identifier, and Download Certificate (Base64). 

Please follow below instruction to insert the info on our web portal ( to apply for enabling the SSO with Azure AD.


After downloading Certificate (Base64), please edit the cert file with a text editor, then copy the contents to insert on



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