Scheduled Access Guide



Scheduled Access is a new feature that will allow admins to schedule users, groups and computers for remote access on a time-slot basis. 

This is currently a custom feature that is not included on the Splashtop website.

If you are interested in the Schedule Access feature, please contact:

Notes and Best Practices

  • Scheduled Access Permissions are granted in addition to existing user/group permissions that are set under Management -> Users - they do *NOT* override existing user/group permissions. 
  • If there is already existing permissions configured under Management -> Users, it is recommended to de-associate these existing permissions and “migrate” to use the Scheduled Access feature for users who only need scheduled remote access.
  • The Team Owner and Admins can use the Scheduled Access feature.
  • For open lab hours, create a separate schedule and configure timeslot for it. For example, 0:00 – 9:00, include all groups of members. 17:00 – 23:59 another timeslot and include the group of members. 
  • To receive proper disconnect warning messagesrequires Splashtop Business app v3.4.0.1 (for iOS, Splashtop Business v3.4.0.2)
  • The select computer page may not work well on IE11. If you see issues with IE11, please try another browser or upgrade IE. 

Scheduled Access Configuration

  1. Before creating any new schedules, go to -> Management -> Settings to configure the Scheduled Access timezone. Timezone cannot be changed when a schedule is in place. Only the team owner has access to this setting.blobid0.png
  2. Go to -> Management -> Scheduled Access 
  3. Click "Create Resource" and fill in the fields. The resource will contain what set of computers will be scheduled for access, such as a specific computer lab.
  4. Select the computers or computer groups that you would like to make available in the resource.
  5. Continue to "Create Schedule", or later click the Resource name (or Manage Schedule) to assign Schedules to the resource.
  6. Create the Schedule for the resource by filling in the Name, Starting Date, and Recurrence. Select user groups or individual users to associate with the schedule. You may also paste a list of user emails. Note: The time drop-down selection is a 30-minute interval, but you can manually type in a value granular to a minute.

    Check "Force session disconnect at the end of each Schedule" if you would like sessions to forcefully disconnect at the end of the timeslot. Note: This does not log out of the remote computer's user account.
  7. To pause / resume a Schedule, click on the Schedule and then pause / resume button. 
  8. To clone a Schedule, use the Clone button. 
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