Why does the SSO CSV import fail?


By design, there are reasons why an email address or a group fails to import. 

For email address

  1. The email address is already an existing Splashtop account in our system. 
    => Solution: Please go to my.splashtop.com / eu, go to Management / All users to check if the failed email address has already been on the team.

  2. The email domain is not in the whitelist of the SSO method.
    CSV_en-us.png=> Solution: Please contact Splashtop Support to modify your SSO method.

  3. Exceeding the user limit based on the license you subscribe to. E.g., you import a CSV file with 200 users to a 100PCs Remote Support team.
    => Solution: Please add more user to your subscription contact Splashtop Support for better suggestions.

For group

  1. Exceeding the group limit on a team, which is 2000 at this moment.
  2. There are existing computer groups on the Splashtop team with the same name as groups in the selected CSV file.
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