Chrome Extension - Toolbar Functions



Notice: Splashtop Business app for Chrome has limited features, if your device supports the Splashtop Business app, we recommend you to use that option instead. 


mceclip0.png  Disconnect the current session

mceclip1.png  Ctrl + Alt + Del (Windows) / Cmd + Opt + Esc (Mac)

mceclip2.png  Switch Display

mceclip3.png  Full-Screen Mode

mceclip4.png  Windowed Mode

mceclip6.png  Switch to smooth mode. Will reduce the image quality and might slightly increase performance.

mceclip7.png  Switch to sharp mode. Will increase the quality of the image.

mceclip9.png  Mute

mceclip11.png  Hide Toolbar

mceclip12.png  Show Toolbar


Please visit the Chrome Web Store for more information about Splashtop Business for Chrome browser







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