Remote wake Android device for unattanded access


Android has strict power management to extend battery life, one known approach is to let Android device enter Doze Mode when no user interactions detected, which is supported from Android 6. In Doze Mode, apps will have very limited network access. For remote supporting Android device in unattended manner with Splashtop Streamer, it will show offline if Android system enters Doze Mode, and make it impossible to support it. Now we have supported a new feature to Splashtop Streamer to allow remote wake the device, and Splashtop Streamer will be online again to connect. 



  • Splashtop Streamer: 3.5.5 or up
  • Android device supports GMS (Google Mobile Services) and FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)


1. Open the gear button beside the target device in Splashtop Business app's computer list page

2. Click "Wake up" to wake the device, it will take a while for the device to wake, you can refresh the computer list. That's it!




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