With microphone passthrough, you can redirect your microphone input on your local computer to the remote computer as if you were sitting directly at the remote computer. This enables you to join calls over Skype, Teams, Zoom, VoIP, etc. and also use voice dictation or recording software over the remote session.

Microphone Input is available for:


  • Local: Windows or iOS - Business App v3.4.4.0+
  • Remote: Windows 7 or newer - Splashtop Streamer v3.4.4.0+
Instructions - From Windows
  1. Connect to the remote computer
  2. Click the Actions icon in the session toolbar -> Redirect Mic Input.
  3. The remote computer's microphone input will change to the Splashtop Virtual Audio Device.
  4. Click the Actions icon -> Redirect Mic Input to switch between muting and unmuting the microphone. The Actions icon will have a green indicator when unmuted, and red when muted.


Instructions - From iPhone/iPad - coming soon

coming soon

What if I don't want my users to redirect microphone input? 
The owner of the Splashtop Business team can turn off the mic input feature for the entire team.
Log in to my.splashtop.com with the owner credentials. Go to Management > Settings. From there, you can disable microphone input.

Additional Notes

  • Microphone Input is only available during unattended sessions.
  • During concurrent sessions, the first session redirecting mic input will occupy the input on the remote computer. The second session redirecting mic input will have no function, but the indicator will remain working.


Unable to get microphone input to work or have suggestions for us? Please open a support ticket.

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