SOS customization flow



  • Active SOS with Mobile, SOS+10, SOS Teams, SOS Unlimited service or Splashtop Enterprise 


  1. Login, click on Management -> SOS Customization

    or Make your own branded SOS app in SOS tab.
  2.  Click on + Create SOS App button to create a new SOS app.
  3. Configurable items in Create SOS App page can be divided into three parts:
    - Theme
    - Options
    - Disclaimer
  4. theme_SOS_en-us.pngadditional_SOS_en-us.png
    Click on Create button to save the SOS app you just created.

    [Note] A SOS app can not be modified once it's created. Use Clone to create a new SOS app based on the settings of an existed SOS app. 
  5. To download the customized SOS app, click on Share button of the SOS app.
  6. In Share page, copy the shareable link and input it in browser, or click on Try Link button, it will bring up Download page and start downloading based on OS platform user is using automatically. 

    You can also select the OS platform, then click on Download button to download SOS app directly. 

    [Note] You can host the shareable link or SOS app on your website to share with your users.
    [Note] The download SOS app is signed automatically. Please note that customization will be reviewed for compliance with the Terms of Service, and violation may result in suspension of account.

    [Note] You can also apply the customized package to Third Party Integration created SOS app. Go to Management / Settings / Third Party Integration / Set up API keys, select the dropdown list on Package file:



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