How to remove a user/technician from my team?


If you are a team owner, you can remove a user from your team so they are no longer associated with your Splashtop Service. Note: Admins cannot remove other admins; Admins can only remove other members.

Unattended Access

As a team Owner, you can remove a team user from the Users page

  1. login at, open the Management dropdown, and click Users to open the users page.
  2. Click the gear wheel icon next to the user you would like to remove and click Delete user.
  3.  A pop up will appear, please click OK to confirm and remove the user from your team.

NOTE: clicking "Disable user" will remove the users ability to start a remote connection but they can still log into their account on and view their account and stay on your team. 

NOTE: This will only remove the user from your Splashtop team, but will not delete their account completely. This is so they can log in to their account and purchase their own subscription.
Only the user can delete their own Splashtop Account by following the below instructions.


Attended Access

  1. Login at /
  2. Click on SOS:
  3. Click on the Gear Wheel icon next to the user that you would like to remove.
  4. Click "Delete User" on the dropdown that shows.
  5. Click "Yes" on the Window that pops up.
    NOTE: Deleting a technician from your team does NOT delete their Splashtop account. It only removes them from your team. This way they can log into their account to purchase their own Splashtop Subscription or join a new team.

How to completely delete a Splashtop Account:

  1. Login at /
  2. Hover mouse over their name at the top right of the page
  3. Click on Account info (->Team tab, if you are the owner)
  4. Click on "remove myself from this team" hyperlink next to "Splashtop Business Team"blobid4.png
  5. Click on "Shut down this team" hyperlink on the bottom rightblobid0.png
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