Automatically rename computer in Splashtop when the hostname changes

It would be helpful for Splashtop Streamer to rename the computer automatically in the dashboard when the machine's hostname changes.

Without this, it can be difficult to locate a machine in a deployment with a large number of machines when the computer's hostname is changed but not manually updated in Splashtop.




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    If you can't automatically rename the Splastop name to match the hostname (as mentioned above) then...

    1) use a different icon or font color for machines whose Splashtop name does not equal the hostname or

    2) have a View option in the program to see the hostname next to the Splashtop name

    Either of these would let us see the machines that need to be renamed in Splashtop and we can then rename them to match (or not).

  • @Gatekeeper & itsupport,

    Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion.

    For now, we still intend to keep current design; in some cases, the supporters don't want the display name changed with the hostname change, they will not be able to find users' computers.

    The suggestion makes sense, we can add target computer's hostname as an extra info for the computer profile in computer list. The development team is still evaluating what the best way is to handle this case.

    Thanks again for the constructive suggestions! 




  • The suggestions made by Itsupport are excellent and would be a useful compromise that still serves us while maintaining expected behaviour for others.

  • Thanks all for the suggestions. We just discussed them in our dev meeting last night :) Our first step will be to show hostname alongside the other streamer info that we already show today, in Splashtop Business app and on the web console. No ETA at the moment, but pretty sure we'll do this.


  • Thank you, Phil.

  • BIG +1. Do it like LMI.  "Splashtop Computer Record Name (hostname.domain.tld)".

    Is there a scriptable way for me to update the Slashtop computer name with the hostname?


  • @Peet,

    Yes, there is one. The computer name shown in the computer list is saved as a registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Splashtop Inc.\Splashtop Remote Server\CloudComputerName

    Every time you change the hostname, please remove this key then restart the streamer service (SplashtopRemoteService), the key/computer name will be updated with the new hostname. 

    Please be noted if you change the computer name from the web portal ( or on the streamer UI, the key/computer name will be modified again.

  • Just checking: any word on being able to show the hostname in the All Computers view?

  • @Droux,

    Thanks for the follow-up. This is still on the roadmap, but no ETA at this time.

  • Some feature that would allow the computer name to update automatically or a view option to view the computer's host name is much needed. This is especially needed when managing a large number of computers.

  • Any update on this?  Same situation here for us.. If we can't see the computer name as an option then at least program a simple update button to manually update the Splashtop name to be the computer name. We have a specific naming of computers that is done by our device management software on our mac's so for now anytime we setup a machine or reset things we have to make sure the name is set right then install Splashtop or go look up the computer name and copy it over.  Either way some simple way of resetting this to the current computer name would be helpful and seems pretty simple enough from a programming perspective.  Or just tell me what would I would need to delete in the profile registry files to force this to happen and I can write my own script to accomplish this.

  • @Jim

    Thanks for checking in! The feature has been released.

    There is a toggle option to display the hostname alongside Splashtop's computer name. The search functionality works for either option. This feature is available for the Business App on Mac, Windows, and the web console. 
    Windows: View -> Show Device Name
    Mac: Preferences -> Show Device Name

  • Yeah I noticed that as soon as I posted the message and was messing around with the view settings.. Helps a lot, I'm assuming the device name will update automatically?  Is there any way to force the name in splashtop to update to the current device name?  I read somewhere that this could be done in windows by deleting a registry key and then restarting Splashtop.  Wasn't sure how to do it on a Mac.  If I uninstall and re-install it works, but that's more of a pain than opening the computer name and copying and pasting into Splashtop.  Not a big deal but if there is a simple way to force the name to update we can probably script it.


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