Chat with user without taking control

Would it be possible to initiate a chat with a user without taking control of their PC?

It'd be great if I could contact the user via Chat asking if they're available for me to work on their issue without seeing what's on their screen at the time.



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    Splashtop Business Access (Pro) and Splashtop Remote Support (Plus, Premium) do now allow for off-session chat since v3.2.4.0 ~Nov/2019.

  • Thank you for the suggestion, Anthony.

    That's not possible at this time. Other customers have suggested similar, the usefulness definitely makes sense, and we have it on our internal backlog of features to add.

    Just FYI, streamer has a setting to "request permission" upon connection. With that enabled, user has to "ok" a connection request before you can connect in. It's not for the exact same purpose but just FYI.



  • A agree to this.  I was about to leave a new feature request until I found this.  

    I NEED the ability to chat remotely with users before taking over their machines.  For example.  CJIS or Criminal Justice Information Systems require least access requirements.  If one of my technicians is remoting into a Law Enforcement machine, I need to verify their is no sensitive data present on the machine first.


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