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We are on the 7 day trial - couple questions:

One computer was showing "online" in the list when I had shut if off while connected remotely.  When I tried to connect is could not find a connection. Finally after about 3 hours it showed "offline" in the list.  What took it so long to go "offline"?

What is OOBE links?

I had one local desktop I was not able to display full screen on my laptop while controlling it remotely?  I clicked on full screen but did not go to full screen.

Looking good as will probably purchase software.  Thanks!




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  • Tom,

    Thanks for checking out Splashtop. We appreciate your business.

    Usually the offline status should be shown correctly within 5 minutes. The list does not refresh automatically, so you'd need to refresh manually in order to see the updated status.

    There is a known corner case where the correct status may take several hours to update. This should be unusual though. If you can replicate the occurrence and are open to joint debugging, we'd love to investigate.

    "OOBE links" is an internal term :) It refers to "Help Me Set Up" instruction page on the web console. Can you tell us where you saw that link - so we can correct the term?

    Not sure what to make of the "full screen" issue. Perhaps my other colleagues will have a better idea.


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