Adding Splashtop business to SOS client

I'm only considering unattended access.

I'm a single person computer consultant. I'm considering switching from Teamviewer. I've been recommending Splashtop to my clients who would benefit from sometimes working from home. I've got about 15 of those who purchased the $60 /yr or $99/yr splashtop accounts. I understand that if I work on their computers with Splashtop SOS Unlimited, I'll need to login as them and switch accounts.

But, what happens if I've already installed SOS Streamer on their computers and then they decide they'd like to work from home sometimes? How do they access MY Streamer on their computer? I read somewhere that there are two different types of streamer deployments.

Is it just too hard to use Splashtop SOS and Splashtop business?





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