Dark mode for desktop

Why is there no dark mode yet? this feature was requested multiple times over the past couple years, dark mode for desktop, it's the only application I use at work that doesn't have one. I have three screens with 6 applications loaded across them and Splashtop is the only one that is blinding me, why?



  • Hello stranger on the internet that shares similar sentiment as me, also a stranger.

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    Dark Mode – Splashtop Business - Support

    The Splashtop for iOS application has a beautiful dark mode with a nice, deep-purple color scheme. They could just take that exact theme and throw it on the desktop and web versions and problem solved.

  • +1 from me too. Have an up vote. 

  • +1 for sure, it's the only app I run that looks like a glowing piece of white-hot garbage. 

    HOWEVER, from an overall functionality/useability standpoint, I absolutely love Splashtop...it just flat out works.




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