Granular Control Icons Need More Color Options in the UI

The 3 possible color options are dark blue, light blue, and grey.  The options when launching the granular control pop up for each user gives 4 options:  On, Off, Follow Group and Default.  With only 3 colors, there’s no way to see at a glance which permission is set.  Dark blue is used for both “On” and “Follow Group” if the group has it set to enabled.  Light blue also can be “Off” or “Follow Group” if the group has the option set to disabled.  Default can actually cause any color to show.  If the default is on the icon is dark blue, if default is off it is light blue, and if default is set to owner or admins and owner the icon will show grey for members/admins depending on the setting. 

This is not a great UI color scheme.  There should be a 4th color option to be able to see what is set at a glance and you should be able to click through the options by clicking on the icon multiple times to toggle through these choices as opposed to having to open another page/pop up to be able to do that.  There either need to be 4 colors or at least some change to the icon for each setting, like dark blue for on, light blue for follow group, light blue with a line through it for off, grey for default, etc… Anything to show the difference between On/Off/Follow Group/Default.  4 choices, so have 4 icon colors or icon views.




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