Clipboard Text problem

When I try to copy text to the clipboard and paste it on the client, copy only part of the text , not the full text.




  • @Sgs,

    Our supporter has replied to your ticket.

  • Please increase the clipboard buffer to about 10x its current size.

  • @all,

    Now there is a 1024 bytes size restriction. We will change the restriction to be 16KB in the future release.

  • Please increase clipboard size, or if there is a .ini setting we could change, please let us know, I really need this to be increased, I can't work if this doesn't work right!

  • @Erwinburgos,

    It is 16KB now. Please make sure you use or later version of Splashtop Business app. 

  • I realized that it is at 16KB now, I am still having problems copying and pasting, the limitation to 16KB is too small even to copy text from a 500 word document, I need to increase the size to at least 256KB, preferably 512KB, there should be a setting on the client/server to increase it, maybe even a registry key or .ini setting. that would be useful for us.

  • @Erwinburgos,

    I also replied to your ticket, and already forwarded the feature request to the dev team. I will keep you updated.

  • This is an incredibly horrible and frustrating limitation/oversight, because you are truncating the clipboard buffer even when you are not trying to copy the data outside of the remote machine, and that is monstrous.  I was refactoring source code over a Splashtop connection and had no idea that it was truncating my clipboard every time I hit copy (ctrl+c).  I had no need to copy the text outside the remote machine, I was just cutting and pasting within one remote application, so who on Earth thought it appropriate to alter the remote clipboard buffer???  If you want to restrict the inter-machine clipboard feature you have added, fine, but don't damage native functionality, and don't restrict anything without some sort of warning that you did it.  I ruined several source files before I realized what was happening, and recovering was a nightmare, trying to figure out what was damaged and what wasn't, because there were moves as well as edits so diffing couldn't help.  This is hardly the sort of behavior you'd expect or worry about.  For god's sake, at least put a warning immediately, a pop-up that says, "Clipboard limit has been exceeded under Splashtop Streamer.  The copy buffer has been truncated."

  • There must be a way to switch between remote-only copying and remote-to-host copying, so that the clipboard size isn't reduced if copying only within the remote machine. If no solution is provided our users will be too greatly impacted to continue using Splashtop, and we will have to end our subscription. 

    I'll be raising this issue with Splashtop through any other channels available. 

  • I don't think they realize how serious a flaw/oversight this is.  To not be able to trust that copying/pasting will work as expected (and with no warning) and will thus cause you to damage documents for which you may have no backups, that's super serious.  I cannot use Splashtop for any sort of document editing, because I can never be certain that it is pasting what I copied (I can never know if the thing I was copying in a Word doc was really below the limit or not).

    I care far less about crisp graphics, printer redirection, sound redirection, Splashtop is causing people to damage documents they are editing; it did it to me.

    Please, for the love of god, fix this ASAP!  Fix #1 is easy: Show a big warning if you have truncated the copy buffer!  Surely that can't be more than a couple lines of code.  Better Fix #2: Don't rewrite the local copy buffer.  Add some code to hash the item put in the copy buffer on a machine, then if you navigate between machines copy the hash with the truncated clipboard as well, so that way you don't ever over-write the original copy buffer on the machine that created it and you show a message on any other machine as it syncs the copy buffer if it sees that it was truncated because of your limit.

  • @Rx.Splashtop & Alex.Burch,

    Sorry for the late response.

    Copy/paste at remote side only should not have the restriction, it is a bug and has been fixed. The fixe will be included in next formal release of Splashtop Business app.

    The notification request has been forwarded to the dev team. I will keep you updated.


  • Thanks for the update, Support.

    Please do let us know what version update will contain the bug fix, so I can inform my users. 

    Thanks again!



    Is there a beta version that I can use now? 

    I really need to get the ball rolling with my work and this lack of copy/paste (small size now) is killing my business


  • @SupportSplashtop

    Any updates on the update?


  • @Erwinburgos & Alex.Burch,

    The fix has been included in Splashtop Business, please find the download link on our official download site:

    But the limitation is still 16KB at this time. The development are still evaluating 256KB or larger size option.

  • How is that a fix? we are still limited to 16kb which is not enough to be able to copy and paste a small text of just 60kb in size over to the remote computer.


    how is this a fix?

  • @Erwinburgos,

    It is to fix the issue that it had 16KB limitation even you copy/paste both at the remote side.

    The remote-only and local-only copying does not have any restriction.
    The cross platform copying now still has the 16KB limitation.

  • This still doesn't help me one bit, I don't think I had issues copying locally or even on just the remote side, the whole issues has been with being able to copy and past from one side to the other local-to-remote or vice versa.

    At this point I am already looking for a better alternative to splashtop, maybe someone here can give suggestions?

  • Support, thanks I tested it and this does seem to fix the issue damaging own/non-remote large clipboard (when not trying to copy/paste remotely).

  • Thanks for the update on the update, Support! Works as it should now.

    @ErwinBurgos: I'm not certain, but the remote copy feature isn't offered by many RDP solutions, and based on Splashtop's responsiveness (both the application and Support), I'd say your concerns will eventually be alleviated. 

    Though, having said that, we just migrated from LogMeIn, so we're paying less for more at this point!

  • @ErwinBurgos, I couldn't find any info on Microsoft RDP or LogMeIn clipboard limits, beyond MS having a 2GB limit but that applies to using the copy/paste buffer for files.  But as @Alex.Burch said some solutions don't have clipboard functionality (some non-MS RDP and some VNC).  I've never experienced or noticed any clipboard issues with MS RDP or with LogMeIn, but my normal behavior isn't copying very large items across, I'm usually using the software as a thin client to access and work solely on the remote computer.  

    Probably doesn't help your situation as you know your workflow, but you could always move whatever document you are copying from to the remote side via the file transfer before doing the copying/pasting and thus avoid the limit.

    The reality is LogMeIn is up to 20x more expensive than Splashtop Business (I recently migrated, though they did offer to reduce the price significantly since I was a legacy user) and MS RDP is fantastic but your remote computers need to be Windows Pro level and you need some way to bypass or work around the firewall.

    The 16k remote clipboard transfer limit seems bizarrely stingy to me, why not 1 MB or 100 MB?  Maybe there's some good technical reason why that's tricky with their codebase, but in this day and age of 16 GB systems and 100 Mbps cable modems it seems more than reasonable and shouldn't be too hard.

  • (But, I meant to add, for me personally the clipboard limit is not a major problem, provided I am warned when my clipboard is truncated as a result.)

  • @Rx.Splashtop I am not trying to copy anything big. nothing is bigger than 50KB-120KB at the most, it's only text, not files, a simple highlight/copy then paste.

    I had a logmein account and yes, their prices are too high for me, I also have a TeamViewer account that also works great with copy and paste, ht eproblem is that it disconnects every 5 minutes as they see my connections as a business usage. 

    I just want a simple copy/paste for at least 128kb to work, with that all my editing  problems will be resolved. 

    I don't see the problem on implementing this change since the feature already exist, it exist but it's limited to only 16KB. 

    I can't use this system and I am looking to pay for Teamviewer Lifetime, just need a little time to save the money.


  • @Erwinburgos Obviously it's not a great solution, but what about using a Google Doc opened on both computers as the mechanism for doing the sharing across the network (for any copy/paste that will likely be > 16kb).  When you add something to the Google Doc on one side it will semi-instantaneously show up in the Google Doc on the remote computer where you then copy/paste it into the Word doc you are working on.  Obviously it's an extra step, you'll need to remember to handle the formatting (choosing "match destinations style" when copying into Word), but it may beat spending big $$$$.

    Hopefully Splashtop will increase the buffer, I can't imagine any valid technical or performance reason to keep it so small.

  • Still have an issue where it is not working at all.

  • @Martin.List,

    What was the error?


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