Your computer is currently in another Splashtop session

In one site, I periodically have a connection issue. Once connected, I see the screen, but can't get any response. After about 5 seconds, I get a connection lost message... THEN, I get this: 

Session in progress         Your computer is currently in another Splashtop session

Of course, I'm NOT connected anywhere else, and I'm the only account set up. So I don't know why this is happening. This is going to be a big problem. Any help would be appreciated.



  • That was with the Splashtop Business (for Win7)  version

    When I tried with the Splashtop Business (for Win10) version I get:     Unable to Connect        Your computer is currently in another Splashtop session.

    SO, I connected with my Android phone (to the same computer). IT CONNECTED. I can manipulate the computer (which is on work's network) via my Android mobile phone (at home), but NOT via my desktop (also from home).

    This shows that the work machine is NOT connected to any other Splashtop Business software (or the Android shouldn't be able to connect either).

    I restarted the machine (from my Android phone). When I try to connect too soon, it (appropriately) asks if I want to wake it up. I connected with the PC, logged in, and now it responds normally. I can access from my PC or phone.

    Thanks again for any help.



  • @Mark,

    Could I know the version of the streamer on the culprit computer? Please also help make sure the streamer is the latest version then see if you still see the issue.


  • I thought there was a new feature to disconnect a machine in session.  Go to the SP website, login and get an option to disconnect.  Perhaps I was dreaming this?  Can't seem to find a trace of the feature now.

  • @Rick.Cassel,

    The feature is available. Under Computers tab on the web portal, when a computer is currently in a session, you could click the gear icon at right end side of the computer profile and see the "Disconnect current session" button.

    Hope this helps!


  • I'm using and can't seem to disconnect a session. Am I missing something?

  • This is frustrating as just closing the app will keep it locked out, There is no disconnect option on the web portal and I am over an hour away from the computer that closed the session without disconnecting.  PLEASE HELP

  • Update:  So I looked at my connection log and It looks like I am physically at the computer that splashtop sees as in the active session even restarting the splashtop service does not fix the problem I will reboot the computer and see if that fixes the issue. 

  • Update - Ok I forgot I took that PC to my office so I am not at the computer listed as connected to splash top. After realizing that I did have remote access to the computer that was supposedly locking up the session I was able to remote in and disconnect the session.

    helpful info -  After I logged into Devon-PC from my home computer I saw that I did have the option to disconnect the remote session to DEVON-PC (from the splashtop session ONLY) But even from Devon PC I never had the option to disconnect the session to wowzaencoder (the computer I needed to disconnect) from the web interface. But DEVON_PC did come up on the web interface...The BIG difference between the 2 is windows version....Devon-pc is windows 10 wowza encoder is windows 8.. I will upgrade to windows 10 tonight and Ill see if I get the ability to disconnect from the web interface.

  • @Writebrent,

    The target computer is not in an active remote session so there is no disconnect button.



    We also replied to your ticket.

  • It's June 2021 and there still is this problem.... Quite frustrating...

  • Had quite a frustrating 2 days dealing with exactly this issue in this brand new deployment.  Starting up my own support ticket too.

    Purchased 6 users on the Business plan and nothing but issues from my admin account.  Error keeps saying I am logged into and using a certain computer.   Which I know for a fact that it is logged in as a different user.  Even turned OFF that machine and still getting the error.  Just says I am logged in from another computer in my list.  Which I am not.


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