DOCKED Dell Laptop - no video refresh?

I now have another video problem. The symptoms are exactly the same as I reported in Request #11889. I have 2 Dell E65XX laptops, both using Intel chipset video, that have a video issue ONLY when docked in the Dell PR03X port extender, using a monitor. They work fine un-docked.

I can connect, get a perfect initial screen display, then no further refresh (ever) - although the mouse actions are recognized.

I migrated almost my entire client base before discovering this - quite embarrassing that I now have to have my customer un-dock his systems before I can connect.

Anybody having success with remote laptops docked?




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  • So, is ANYBODY successfully using Splashtop Streamer with Dell Latitude E65XX laptops, docked in a Dell PR03X?

    For me - works mobile, but video freezes after initial screen paint when docked. Mouse commands and sound still get through.


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